Friday, October 17, 2008

Ok Joe, that's enough.

Joe Joe Joe, that is about enough. The fact that you've taken up this much air time is a testament to how stupid American politics is right now. I've never bought into that "average American" crap. Especially when that's what it turns out to be: mostly made up crap.

We're now pretty sick of you. And who are you to make yourself more available to the press than Sarah Palin? By now you've been outed as a possible Republican plant, a probable racist, a non-plumber, a tax cheat and an complete freakin' idiot who couldn't do the simple math that shows you will pay less taxes under an Obama administration. Oh, and your name is Sam. Your name is SAM!

Now, John McCain has done to his Plumber what he can't do to his vice president- found a replacement.

Bye bye Joe!

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