Sunday, October 12, 2008

Now that's what I call progress.

Check it out! We spent this morning being really productive. Visible progress, that's what I like. Progress the neighbors can see. Progress that makes it look as if we're working. Fun. Also, notice the lights in the ceiling. That happened last weekend. Woohoo! All sorts of progress.
Do you like our front stairs? We find that it has really cut down on solicitors and political activists. At night, we just pull up the ladder and we're safe in our own personal castle. Also awesome because Lola can come out and lay in the sun, but she won't jump off. She hates the nail gun, though, so that limits her a bit.
New door, old doorbell
As usual, click through to Flickr and see more pictures.


  1. Hi ginger and mark,
    Finally had some time to read the blog!! Front door is looking spiffy!


  2. thanks Mom. I put up the plywood sheathing and tar paper this weekend. next weekend: cheekwalls and stairs...


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