Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dumb things Mark does

DTMD #1. Leaving the soaker hose on all night.

Let's start a new category of what could be a weekly post. Dumb things Mark does, DTMD. Here's a classic bonehead move that I've been doing for years but this particular instance of boneheadedness had ridiculous ramifications: Accidentally leaving the water on.

We bought some new plants at Costco, you know, the ones that come in those bags. I don't recommend doing this. Number one, because Costco is a scam, #2 because Costco is not a nursery and they treat plants the same way they treat tires (Water? What is water?) and #3, because no matter what is in the bag, it never seems to recover from the cruelty of being bagged, palletized, and shipped across the nation in hot trucks. Who knows how long they've been in those bags. Probably since gas was $3.00. Remember that?

Anyway, there were some Mexican Shell Flowers (future POTW when it blooms) and some other frilly things that Ginger wanted so we planted them. Then it warmed up for about a week (this was two weeks ago, before the June winter). So they started to dry out a bit and being without roots yet and still recovering from Costco-itis, I put the soaker hose out. I then forgot I had a soaker hose or Costco plants and left it on for several hours. This helped us confirm that our 1919 house does not have foundation drains. The basement flooded.

Good times good times.

"What's that noise? Is the water still on?"

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