Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Classic Weekend

Every Father's Day weekend is "Classic Weekend" on Pier 66. 50 vintage wood yachts (or more) fill up the whole marina, which is right in front of downtown. First we all parade in, this year led by the Seattle Fireboat LESCHI shooting 22,000 gallons per minute of water into the air, then we dock and spend 2 days and nights eating and hanging around with other wooden boat owners. It's always fun, but this year for the first time ever the weather was perfect. Sunny and warm both days.


  • Mark ate too much and sunburned the crap out of his ears
  • SWIETENIA got lots of attention because she does look really good if I do say so myself
  • Returning through the locks we tied off to a sistership, one of only 4 we know about

The parade in

Andy keeps the props safe from rope-mimicking seaweed.

The show-winning boat and owner. This "too cute" perfectly restored, over-the-top boat is a show stealer.

Ginger and The Carlson's

Great colors think alike.

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  1. The Sweetie looks beautiful! Glad you had a fun weekend and some great weather. I am getting over a sinus infection.


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