Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let the adventure begin!

Meet Nelson:

Dog's eye view

He arrived last night from Oregon. We're his foster parents until he gets adopted. We're working with a group called F.O.R.M., Friends of Rescued Mastiffs. So far it's working out all right. He's a bit pushy with Lola, so we're watching them carefully, but they seem to be reaching an equilibrium. He doesn't love his crate, but he'll go in, and once he's in, he's good about it. He's probably about four years old, and was brought in to the Multnomah County shelter as a stray. Currently he weighs about 118, the rescue coordinator says he probably should weigh about 150, so we've got some work to do. He's small for an English Mastiff, but still really big... He can look out the window in the back door!


He took to the couch like a natural:
As small as he gets

And he knows one good trick:

We'll give him a week or so to settle in, then he needs a trip to the vet, and then he'll be ready for adoption! Man, that's a big head:
Look at that face!


  1. I see you've got a big paper towel on the table--just in case Nelson might drool. Just don't get too attached and adopt him yourselves!

    Happy Birthday, Mark

  2. I'm sure Nelson will find a place in your home. Why don't you adopt him?


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