Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sonics. ARGUH!

Last night I watched a very exciting Blazers/Nuggets game on some non-HD Cable station called CSNNW. We figured out eventually that it was the Comcast Sports Network Northwest. Say that ten times.

So now I can watch some Portland Trailblazers games.


Carmelo Anthony was out so Denver's defense was better than usual. They were double-teaming Brandon Roy so guys like LaMarcus Aldridge and Joel Przybilla were stepping up. Przybilla had a double-double, and when he reached that mini-milestone I was psyched. Late in the fourth when LaMarcus Aldridge made a beautiful LaDunk I bolted off the couch with a big "YES!" Ginger gave me a classic "I don't miss these moments" look.

Portland is a great team. How much upside does Rudy Fernandez have? How smooth is Brandon Roy? I even like Steve Blake. Is he the new Steve Kerr, or the new Brent Barry? The only depressing part is Greg Oden not meeting sports pundit expectations, but being the #1 draft pick is a curse that's hard to shake. I wish him the best; I hope he gets better and can find an effective way to deal with the harsh spotlight that's constantly on him.

It's a proven scientific fact that fans watching their sports team win have improved self-esteem for days afterward, while the opposite happens for the losers. So how's my self-esteem today?

Same. You see, PORTLAND IS NOT MY TEAM! Blazers are 3 hours south in the state of Oregon. Not my boys. I can get excited about any sports team by watching a good game. I'll watch the TNT games in beautiful, beautiful HD and bolt off the couch when Chris Bosh slams it home or D-Wade creates some magic - in Florida even. Exciting things get me excited, but the moment fades.

Where am I going with this? What else can be written about the Sonics being stolen out from under us by a band of redneck thieves from a flyover city who's most interesting attribute is its complete lack of interest? I have no great epiphany about their departure, just the loss I feel when I realize they're not on TV and I can't go to the game. I want to sit in KeyArena even if the only sound effect is "Everybody clap your hands!" Clap clap clap clap...

Sorry Portland. You've got a great team, they're young and fun to watch. But I want the Sonics. Even if it's the Memphis Grizzlies repatriated to the Northwest and rechristened the Sonics. Even if it's an expansion team with guys like Robert Swift, Stephon Marbury and that criminal Chris Anderson and it takes 10 years to have a winning season. It's the NBA, I get how this works. As flawed as the NBA is, I want them back in my City. Even if Commissioner David "I can't quit you, Clay" Stern cuts the ribbon. (I can punch him in the face later, after the ceremony and the lease is signed...)

Bring me some Sonics Basketball. Because "I'm going crazy up here at the lake!"

Update: OKC is known for something: It's the Fast Food Capital of the nation. Perfect.

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