Thursday, January 29, 2009

We still have the English mastiff. Help!

Nelson's adoption page

You all know me. I'm a big dog kind of guy. Love the big, sweet working dog types. Big heads = bigger brains = more thinking (usually). Small heads = smaller brains = less cerebral cortex (where complex processing goes on). Actually, I don't know anything about dog brains, but from my experience, bigger dogs do more thinking.

So, I love these big dogs. I'm having a tough time not loving this dog - so I've got to get rid of him now! How terrible is that? I know I know, that just sounds heartless. There is a family out there for big Nelson. A family with more time to spend with the big dog during the day working on obedience. He doesn't need two overworked humans that spend 4 hours a day at home. He needs more than we've got right now. That, and we are most decidedly a one-dog family now (except for the occasional dog-sitting assignment).

Nelson is a rescued mastiff. We think he's under two years old. He's very comfortable living with us now which means he's pretty much in our face all the time. A dog this big with no formal training (other than sit) can be difficult at times! Here's the deal though, the longer he's here, the more our dear, patient Lola loves him. So let's get on it people. Adopt this dog!

The bigger problem might be that Nelson loves us. He's missing me right now, I can hear it. He'll adjust to a new set of humans, but the sooner the better. Good dog. Now I must change out of my nice clothes so I can interact with Big N on the couch.

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