Thursday, July 3, 2008

This just in: Lies and money always win.

The last Sonics game. That's me in the white hat above the R in GREGOIRE. That game was the last Sonics win I'll ever see. The saddest victory.

Seattle Times columnist Steve Kelly summed it up well:

The Liars won.

Owner Clay Bennett, that man possessed, now possesses a very bad basketball team in a very different city.

The Oklahoma City Bums.

The only consolation for Seattle's hoops cognoscenti is that these OKC Bums are doomed for a long time. The Ford Center could be considered obsolete just about the time that team starts competing for the playoffs. And young superstar Kevin Durant will be playing for, I don't know, the Knicks, maybe?

The pulse is weak in Oklahoma City.

Read the full article here.

I'm so angry today I can't even type. Black Thursday. 41 and done. Well I'm done with the NBA and its ego maniacal commish and I'm done with each and every politician from the Governor on down to the lowliest City Councilman. I'm especially done with our hapless Mayor who had the stones to call yesterday's settlement a "partial victory" for the City. What?! I, and every other jaded Sonics fan, will vote against every politician who played a role in this mess regardless of the stripe of their opponent until they are out of office. I will never again buy Starbucks coffee, though I don't do that anyway. I am done with NBA Basketball.

Ultimately this is Schultz's fault, who when given the opportunity to sell the team to a local buyer, took the money and sold us out to a bunch of redneck liars. And my dear Howard Schultz, we all know where you live. I'm having a nasty banner made for the boat so that when we float by your house, at least I'll spoil your dinner. A small price for you to pay, as fans pay the ultimate price: a sports legacy that is now just sports history.


  1. A nice little summary of this long saga, if anyone outside of Seattle even cares...

  2. I am sad for 2 reasons:

    1) Mark will have poopie pants for like 6 months because of this..

    2) No more Kevin Calabro - the BEST voice that the NBA has to offer.

    Mark - tomorrow, instead of blowing off appendages with M-80s, we can site solemnly and cry in our beer together..

  3. Ug. Poopie pants indeed. Sonics (used to) get me through the winter! Not only is it pouring rain outside, but it's our first really good, big thunderstorm in years. It's a dark day in Seattle. Happy 4th of July.


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