Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I think perhaps Summer is here.

Well, if the garden is any indication, anyway. The vegetable garden, that is. I let Mark deal with the fancy plants posts, me, I'm just into the veggies.

This year we expanded the garden! WOOHOO! Now it's maybe a whole 200 square feet (maybe). We're growing more things, too. Radishes, lettuce, carrots, peas, kolhrabi, tomatoes, various squash, lemon cucumbers, and scarlet runner beans. Whether half of these will ever come to fruition is another question entirely. We ate more radishes than was strictly necessary, didn't eat as much lettuce as we should have, and are currently gorging ourselves on snap peas. Mmm.
The carrots aren't quite ready, but I couldn't resist seeing how they were doing. Let's just say that we might, maybe, possibly have a few little rocks in our dirt, and our carrots may all end up being PG13.
Here are some other random garden photos:
Squash leaf - way cool and silvery. I think it's a Delicata of some kind.
Kohlrabi: All evidence aside, I was perfectly sober when I took this photo, I swear!
A bean, beginning to bloom:
Tomato!!!See it??
Big tomato plant
Here you go:
Small tomato
And last but definitely not least, a lone basil plant.
Or folk art, whichever you think it is.
Lemon Basil
(more pictures on our Flickr page if you click through any one of these)

That's the update for now! A post about our best ever 4th of July coming soon.


  1. Love the basil plant. Maybe I will do that as well to discourage weeds. We always get PG13 carrots as well. Great photos. See you at the cabin. Can't wait!

  2. As well as keeping weeds out, it also keeps the soil really moist! Usually this pot dries out quickly, but the bottle caps are helping a lot.


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