Monday, July 14, 2008

Area Boaters Cement '2nd Place' Status in Port Orchard

For the second consecutive week, two Seattle-area boat owners almost won 'Best Chris Craft.' "I'm stunned. Not stunned-happy, more like stunned 'I can't fricking believe this is happening - again!'" lamented two-time loser Mark Garff.

Returning from a one-point loss the prior weekend, the Garffs polished up the boat anyway in anticipation of a better return at Port Orchard's 19th Annual Chris Craft Rendezvous. The event was well attended this year even though gas prices are so bone-crushingly high that locals have given up wake boarding in favor of floating around completely drunk on their very expensive motorized "rafts." Despite being held on the socially awkward and economically isolated Kitsap Peninsula, over 65 classic and some new fiberglass Chris Crafts drew good crowds to the marina.

The one-time 3rd place winning, two-time 2nd place winning 30' Sedan Cruiser SWIETENIA arrived in Port Orchard late Thursday night, dropping a crab pot on the way in spite of extremely high levels of heavy metals in the local sediment. "Crab's good eatin' if you don't mind the lead," noted long-time show attendee Gary the Viet Nam veteran wheel chair guy.

Garff during happier times, before the "loss"

After 3 days in the sweltering 78 degree sun, most boaters were tired and cranky and just wanted to go home, as did the losing Garffs. "When they announced we were the runner-up again I tried to put on a good show by hooting and clapping, but actually I felt dead inside" a tearful Mark said as he maneuvered the boat smoothly through the cacaphony of Bayliner plastic waiting to get into the large lock. But Ginger, trying to console her husband in his mourning, noted cheerfully that "At least it was a different boat this weekend and he beat us by a pretty decent margin."

Indeed, five votes was the spread and to the victor went the marble plaque. "There's always next year. And we're thinking about changing the name of the boat to SECOND PLACE. It's easier to spell - which might be worth the 5 votes!"

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