Friday, September 11, 2009

South Sound Cruise

Here are some pictures of our recent trip down south.  Six days of boat bliss (and some rain.  Ok, lots of rain...).

West Point heading south on Friday

Ginger commands the helm

I really, really love our siren.

We weren't the only ones with dreams of fresh crab this weekend...
We were pulling them in like mad in Quartermaster Harbor.  We were the show for the evening.

 Two 7-inch Dungeness.  I totally ate one of these.  Mmm!

Lola sort of hates the dinghy.

She prefers the bench seat.

Completely passed out after checking the crab pot.

Shot out the porthole window, it rained hard all night.  Yes, the boat leaks.  Good thing the wood stove is such a great dehumidifier!

We left Dockton headed for Penrose State Park - in the rain cha cha cha.

The old, and the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  Surreal motoring under these mammoth feats of engineering.
Arrived at Penrose State Park and they made a rainbow for us.  End to end!

Boiling the last crab for tomorrow's scrambled eggs.  

On the buoy.

Rafted to the Cinnamon Girl - a mini Chris Craft rendezvous.

That night we broke an all time record for fewest doubles drawn in chicken foot.  Or someone cheated!

HOLY CRAP, are those Vacinnium ovatum pancakes?  Others might call them Huckleberry pancakes, but not me...

Picked the day before, the sometimes 8-foot tall shrubs overhang the beach.  Easiest picking ever, no bending down, you reach up and grab.  They taste pretty much identical to Vacinnium membranaceum (that's mountain huckleberry, peeps).

Lola, extremely focused on seagulls.

And then there was glass.

Sadly, it was time to go.  Cinnamon Girl headed further south for another week of cruising and we headed back home on a nice outgoing tide.

Thanks to the moon, we made it to the locks in record time, only to wait there for, who else, but Argosy's Goodtime III!  Commercial traffic gets priority.

We ended the trip on this, a kite show at Gasworks!

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