Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to Back Boat Shows

Just back from back to back boat show weekends! Sounds relaxing, right? Sort of... There's a lot of prep that happens before the boat motors into the marina all shiny and clean. It's even harder to keep the boat clean when you're living on it. But somehow we were able to pull through and survive it all. Good times!

The first show was the Center for Wooden Boats, Wooden Boat Festival on Lake Union. A short ride from the slip, but when you're on the boat you're miles away.

All the way west on the I dock, the SWIETENIA. Check the reflection of the line in varnish. However, the line should not be in the water and should be coiled. Tsk tsk. We're slacking.

The bowsprit of the 130' schooner ZODIAC, shot through our hatch.


ZODIAC returning to berth.

30' SWIETENIA from the ZODIAC. Note the market umbrella. It was hot as hell.

ZODIAC mast & signal flags.

Feeding before 4th of July fireworks.

The park completely filled up for fireworks. But put that many people on this floating dock and it'll sink.

Note the bowsprit is nearly half the length of our little boat!

A homemade boat, varnished western red cedar.


Four days of working and then back on the water, this time headed for Port Orchard and the 20th Anniversary Chris Craft Rendezvous! Once you're through the locks, it's about a 2 hour ride across the shipping lanes, and watch out for ferries.

Elliot Bay and Seattle. I love ya.

Lola gets into the groove instantly.

Our cruising buddies and great friends' boat, Andy and Genevieve's Cinnamon Girl. Second and third boat on the dock this year, it took us 7 years of attendance to finally get some top billing! Yes.

Not a Chris Craft, but a Shain. Called a turtleback.

Had to show you: This is what happens when you stop taking care of the boat and leave it out in the weather. Our boat was approaching this state when we bought it. Sad. This old 50's Chris Craft is probably not coming back. It's a blue tarp special.


77 Chris Crafts this year!

Bear claw vents.

Even the chain is chromed. It's in the details.

PEARL, and nice details.

SEASCAPE, nice details.

MARANEE. Oh, the details. Jim and Margie actually have the skeleton key that locks this door. Nice.

The ULTIMATE in details. The corner chock, mooring bit, deck drain, stanchions, mounted in teak on SEASCAPE. Mmm.


It was hot, but we made it!


  1. Love to see all the fruits of your labors. As usual, your yard is beautiful. Isn't it fun to see what changes from year to year.

  2. Hi, Ginger. I stumbled upon this blog while I was looking for boat shows. And I must say that I really find SWIETENIA beautiful. Such a well-maintained wooden boat. I'm in search of import boats as a gift for my family. Maybe I can ask for advice and tips on looking for the best boat. Thank you!

  3. Hello.My name is Mac Watts watts.I have been wondering what had happened to the old girl.I am 38 years old and grew up on the Blue Interlude since diapers.My grandfather is Virgil Colegate and owed her since 1973 I believe.He was a member of the Day Island yaught club,and I spent my whole childhood on her.He went from tresurer to Comadore and loved every minute doing it .We worked on her almost every weekend and dry docked it scaring barnicle off her hull,revarnishing and I belive he was the one who painted her that ugly blue color.She was original though,everyone knew her and we spent tons of time boating with everyone.Penrose,dockton,ect..It was the first boat at six that I learned to run,(even taking in and out of our boathouse,SCARY)I just wanted to share with you guys,it was by far my fondest memories,and often think about it. I now have my own boat and do the same for my family as my grando=parents did for me.It was a great life.I even have every award it won from Day Island and pictures as well.Please email me at Maybe sometime I could actually see her,it would be great.Thanks,and enjoy her!!


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