Sunday, May 3, 2009

Opening Day 2009

Well, Opening Day 2009 was a pretty huge success. Rain schmain. Every year since the 20's, the first weekend in May has hosted the Opening Day parade through the Montlake cut from Lake Union to Lake Washington. Thousands turn out, even in the rain. There are several classes of boats that parade; we parade in the Classic Power under 40' class. This year there were about 30 boats in our class including some real beauties - some might say even more spectacular than the SWIETENIA! However, with a little luck and some secret weapons at our disposal, we took 3rd Place for the second year in a row! We were quite surprised actually, not expecting to place again. But we're honored just the same.

How do we take it up a notch next year and claim second? We might need another baby or two (judges love babies) or perhaps we'll invest in a string of signal flags. A little more bling can't hurt. Thank you Clancy, Kara, Bea, Laurie, Jake, Corrie, Kristin, Ginger, and Lola. And thank you SWIETENIA for powering through the whole day with your timing horribly out of adjustment. My bad.

Pied Piper, Ann Hay's 1940 39' Matthews.

Andy and Genevieve's 1951 34' Cinnamon Girl. She's headed straight for us Captain!

Ginger enjoying the Friday evening before the parade, when the weather was perfectly sunny and balmy. It wouldn't last. We're on the deck of the Cinnamon Girl moored at the Seattle Yacht Club. They let the riff raff tie up for Opening Day weekend. Otherwise the privilege is about $15,000 just to join.

Boat bling. Freshly re-chromed siren from the 40's. It's loud as hell! I use it gratuitously of course. At every opportunity, really. Or during non-opportunities as well.

More bling: Mooring bit, chocks, light, and anchor chain roller. The flag is the burgee of the Classic Yacht Association.

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  1. Hee hee, we could hear you from our house. OK, we could hear those steamboat folks, at least. We went to the cut last year to watch the parade, this year it was my birthday and I chose not to spend it getting soaked, sorry! But looks like you had a ton of fun. Your boat is sweet! Next year - more babies, more bling, flags look good, maybe a perma-vase attached to your deck (a la the New Beetle dashboard bud vase) with beautiful flowers from your garden? Or is that too hippie-ish for the Seattle boat judges??


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