Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gulf Islands Pix

Recently we took a week and a half long trip on Swietenia. We hadn't been out on the boat for more than a weekend in a couple of years and this would be our furthest trip ever on the boat. Here are some pix from the voyage to keep you tied over. Ginger is currently working on a post describing the trip in detail...

"Oh Canada (sing it with me)." You put up a courtesy flag when you cross into Canada. It is not required to sing the Canadian national anthem with your own made up words, but I did anyway.

Our first killer sunset (of many, Bedwell Harbor).

Scenic anchorages were the rule, not the exception. (Bedwell Harbor)

Crazy abandoned cabin on Wallace Island where everyone writes their name on a piece of driftwood. Except us. We were only there 3 nights, so we couldn't find the time!

Ginger is off the hook. The Wallace Island hook, that is. I kill myself, really.

This Pseudotsuga menziesii never looked better. That's Galiano Channel and Island in the background.

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