Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The First Post.

So I figure our first blog post should probably be about posts. Porch posts, to be more precise, or perhaps the lack thereof. We've begun our summer project by lugging approximately 3,220 lbs of detritus to the transfer station over two weekends.

Load number two - yes, Andy's truck is on the sidewalk.

That's five full-sized pick-up loads, if you're keeping track. So what do we have to show for this?

All done for now!

Well, we've got some very rotten posts, some rotten ship lap, some really nice original cedar siding painted a really rotten green, and a little less nasty yellow vinyl siding that will sit in the landfill and never rot.

Also, we met a lot of neighbors while Andy's truck sat on the sidewalk. One of whom then asked us to dogsit for her.

The very best part of the whole thing was this: the largest, heaviest load? The one that consisted only of stuff that we found UNDER the porch. 1,160lbs of stuff, to be exact. I'm sure that saving all that stuff seemed like a good idea to whoever put it under there, but I'm not sure that short ends of 2x4's, the previous set of steps (rotten, what a surprise!), and old, damp, nasty bags of joint compound are my idea of useful. Although the raccoons sure seemed to appreciate it at some point in the past.
I'll let Mark tell you how much fun he had with the chainsaw.

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  1. Part of me gets a real sense of satisfaction thinking about that scale of clean up, part of me might suffocate with vicarious anxiety.


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